The Python Arcade Library has the same target audience as the well-known Pygame library. So how do they differ?

Features that the Arcade Library has that Pygame does not:

  • Supports Python 3 type hinting. 支持Python3的输入提示
  • Thick ellipses, arcs, and circles do not have a moiré pattern. 椭圆/圆弧/圆形不再有云纹图案?(求更好的翻译)
  • Ellipses, arcs, and other shapes can be easily rotated.椭圆/圆弧等其它形状支持旋转。
  • Supports installation via standard Python package manager, using ‘pip install’ 支持通过标准的包管理命令pip install安装。(Pygame不是也支持吗?)
  • Uses standard coordinate system you learned about in math. (0, 0) is in the lower left, and not upper left. Y-coordinates are not reversed.
  • Has built-in physics engine for platformers. 已经为平台类型的游戏内置了物理引擎。
  • Supports animated sprites.支持动画角色
  • API documentation for the commands is better. Many commands include unit tests right in the documentation.命令的API文档更加友好,说明档中的许多命令包括单元测试。
  • Command names are consistent. For example, to add to a sprite list you use the append()method, like any other list in Python. Pygame uses add().命令的命名方式和它的函意一致,如append方法,是添加,而在Pygame中用的是add增加命令。
  • Parameter and command names are clearer. For example, open_window instead of set_mode.参数与命名更加清晰,如 新建窗口屏幕用的是open_window而不是set_mode。
  • Less boiler-plate code than Pygame.更少杂扰代码。
  • Basic drawing does not require knowledge on how to define functions or classes or how to do loops.基本的绘画不需要有如何设计游戏循环或如何定义函数与类的知识。
  • Encourages separation of logic and display code. Pygame tends to put both into the same game loop.游戏的运行逻辑和显示逻辑代码被设计为鼓励分离,而在Pygame中它们放在同一个循环中。
  • Runs on top of OpenGL and Pyglet, rather than the old SDL1 library. 基于OpenGL和Pyglet模块,Pygame基于老的SDL1库。
  • With the use of sprite lists, uses the acceleration of the graphics card to improve performance.当使用角色列表的时候,使用了图形卡加速来改善性能。
  • Easily scale and rotate sprites and graphics. 角色与形状能容易的改变大小和比例。
  • Images with transparency are transparent by default. No extra code needed.角色天然就支持透明。
  • Lots of Example Code. 有许多例子。


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